Oldest Steak House in OKC
by Kristina Moosavi

The oldest steakhouse in Oklahoma City is quint place based on history, grit, & just good food! Cattlemen’s Steakhouse has been a fixture in Oklahoma City since 1910. Cattlemen’s is located at 1309 S.Agnew OKC, OK 73108. The food & staff are what I believe has set this historic restaurant apart from all others. As you roll into “Packing Town” also known as the stock yards it has a distinct smell & style. It is its own little way of life & nostalgic presence which will take you back in time. For a minute you might even feel like a real cowboy. LOL This place has quite the back ground, as it was once owned by a gambling man named Hank Frey who bet the whole place on hopes of rolling “hard 6” double 3’s. Who does that?? Well as you know sometimes gambling is not the best idea & he lost the whole sha-bag in 1945. Gene Wade then became a restaurant owner & his family still owns the place today. The original diner was the north part of the building which still looks the very same today! You can walk right in & still sit at the counter to eat. Which is what I typically do unless we have a bigger party, on a busy night that is the best way to get in & out!

As you walk in, there is no glitz or glamor here. The waiters & waitress all wear old school uniforms & actual still give service! Yes can you believe that? A nice waiter or waitress?? It is almost unheard of to go to a place today & get awesome service with amazing food! I asked my waiter how long he had worked at Cattlemen’s & he said almost 10 years. He told me most of the staff has worked there for quite a while the longest is almost 30 years! That says something about the owner & values in my opinion. It is actually food that taste home cooked! Guess what? It may be old but they can still put out a nice cocktail or cold beer also. There is a nice area upstairs with a bar that you can wait on busy nights as well & have a little drink.

If you’re planning on stopping in at Cattlemen’s you must order the lamb fries as an appetizer. They are delicious & served with cocktail sauce, so for me it is the closest thing I get to shrimp! LOL I have a shell fish allergy & for me I think it taste just like shrimp! If you’re unsure what Lamb Fries are, well just use Google. Don’t be afraid to try new things.

This historic place has won numerous People’s Choice awards, served several presidents, celebrities & been a part of Oklahoma City for over 100 years! Yes that’s right 100 years! This restaurant is a true testament in my opinion of what hard work, customer service & loyalty will get you when owning a company. There is also an events area you can rent out for special occasions or parties next to the restaurant. So if you have something special coming up try out Cattlemen’s, I don’t think you will be disappointed!

Here is my favorites/staple meal at Cattleman’s

I very rarely change it up. *Ribeye Steak (med- Rare of course)

*House Salad (YOU MUST get the house dressing!) I do not even think they carry ranch! Besides once you have the house dressing you will forget about the Oklahoma staple Ranch!

*Must have the Dinner rolls! They are light & fluffy!! Taste oh soo yummy! *Loaded baked potato (it is just a potato with all the goodness)

Then Dessert if you have room.. They have delicious pies! Chocolate cream pie, coconut cream pie, strawberry shortcake.. ALL ARE YUMMY!

I could just eat the dressing with a spoon! In fact ask for an extra bowl of it & dip your crunchy bread in it! Yes I am serious you will know what I mean once you taste it!

Now if you even have room or want to take dessert to go here is what we had... Well we all shared, so don’t judge!

Next time you are thinking you want a REAL steak check out Cattlemen’s, you will not be disappointed! Go enjoy a great meal & buy you some new boots while you’re at it. There are plenty of places to shop while you wait & yes your buzzer will reach to all the shops around the Stockyards.

Enjoy! Here is a link to check out the menu for yourself...Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner!