Steps to Clean Vibes in your home for 2017!

So it’s a new year & we all have good intentions for a healthy prosperous year. Right? Well most of us intend to clean the garage, organize, kick bad habits, etc but only 9.2% of people feel that in the past they have been successful in obtaining their New Year Resolutions! That’s pretty low people! I am actually guilty of being in the other 90.8% most of the time. So I thought if I write it, believe it, say it & live it why wouldn’t I be successful in all aspects of life! I am going to share a few tips I found to help you & me make 2017 positive vibe rock’n year!

  • Maybe try a new coat of paint in your home. Do an accent wall or go with a whole new look! A new year means new look! I believe your home is a direct reflection of you & when you are in your home it should feel good with clean vibes!
  • Wash out negativity! Get off I am going to fail, can’t do it, won’t make it channel & flip to the Victory channel! All things are possible with Christ. Power of Prayer is a real thing & you might not believe till you try. So I am not saying go to church or carry your bible. ( But if you want to, do it!) I am saying find that grounding higher power that you can put your faith in & focus it! For me, it has been a guiding force thru my ups & downs. It also will give you a direction when you want to fail or are stuck on the negative channel in your head. You have the power to change your own outlook!
  • Have you tried using oils in your home or office? I have been using oils for about a year continently & it works! I feel like I can relax, be energized, focus, have mental clarity, all with a little oil in a diffuser! It could be a metal thing but I believe it works. I typically mix different ones etc. But that’s a whole different topic.
  • De-clutter your office or home. Make sure your work area is ready to work or your home is ready to cozy up in. Feel good in your space! Organize the files or it is okay I promise to throw out things! I find using an old school planner very helpful! Most people use their phone or iPad to log appointments & plan. But if you are like me there is something rewarding about marking off a list or checking off my planner! SO start planning and it will slowly organize your daily flow.
  • Feng shui what?? The art of Feng Shui is intended to help "bring happiness, good fortune and wellness into your life," said Huffington Post. I personally have not moved my furniture around in hopes of it to bring happiness, I just go off my internal “feel good meter!” If it flows & you like it, then leave it! I might get to moving couches, tables, chairs ..oh my! Here is what I found on it on Feng Shui & how to achieve it in your home. Adding color to your home and decluttering are two principles of Feng Shui. ( we just mentioned that, sounds like we are moving on the right path!) Make your front door "visible to receive blessings" by ensuring you have easy to read house numbers and a clear path to your home. Bringing "plants and a water fountain into your home to improve your health and foster nurturing. Hmm, I do not know about the water fountain but I already the plants! Positioning "furniture for safety" by making "sure that the largest piece of furniture in any room is in a position where you can see the door" hmmm Seems legit!
  • Smudge it… The idea of smudging, which is burning sage in your home (or office), may sound odd and "out there," but, smudging with sage is a practice that dates back thousands of years to indigenous Americans, and one that is used by all kinds of people to improve the energy in a room or structure. "Mystics say the Native American practice of smudging, or purifying a room with the smoke of sacred herbs, can help clear negative energy from a space," said Spirituality Health." And the apparent benefits are steeped in science - when burned, sage and other herbs release negative ions, which research has linked to a more positive mood."

These are just a few random ideas to throw around or maybe try to improve your year & chances of making 2017 the most prosperous! I am going to be in that 9.8% this year, what about you?