Quick Easy and Affordable Curb Appeal Tips
There are many quick, easy and affordable curb appeal tips that have proven to increase the value of your home by thousands of dollars

Quick, Easy and Affordable Curb Appeal Tips - by Kristina Moosavi

Are you thinking of selling your home? Like most seller, you want top dollar for your investment, There are many quick, easy and affordable curb appeal tips that have proven to increase the value of your home by thousands of dollars. For a little time, TLC, & minimal cash it is definitely worth doing a few these items listed here to get a full price or even a little more for your home.

  • Front Door Makeover- A fresh front door instantly enhances the appearance of your home. Studies have shown it can increase the resale potential. The front door is one of the very first things a buyer sees & you want it to be welcoming.
  • New house Numbers- No one likes driving around counting the houses because you can’t read the house numbers & are unsure which house it is! Invest in some fairly inexpensive numbers from Lowes or a Craft store. You can spray paint them fun colors & make a cute display.
  • Wash you house!- Before you start to plant new flowers or scrape paint. Wash off the dirt , mildew & grunge off your house. Don’t forget to sweep & power wash your porches/sidewalks.
  • Gutter Maintenance- Be sure to check your gutters for debris which can cause a clog & water to travel in the gutters properly. Which can lead to erosion around your home. Nothing says poor maintenance like gutters with weeds & grass falling out of them.
  • Upgrade your mailbox- A Wobbly , dented, faded mailbox is unattractive to potential buyers. Replacing it is a good way to personality to your property. There are a lot of very cute ideas for flower boxes etc. to spruce up your mailbox!
  • Window & Trim- It is not usually necessary to replace all of your windows. You should replace any windows that may not open properly, broken panes etc. Scrape any chipped paint , clean , & caulk your windows. Buyers & appraisers do look at your windows! Plus adding the extra seal will make your home to cool/ heat more efficiently.
  • Roof Repair - Repairing or replacing the roof as needed is one of the most important items in home maintenance! It is wise to make these needed repairs prior to selling as a buyer will demand a lower price or it will discourage a buyer all together. Plus a leaky roof over even a few months can cause major problems through the home. A bad roof can kill a contract in no time.
  • Fresh Paint -Most homes have seen some wear & tear, so it is important to consider touching up the inside paint as well. Adding pops of color thru out the interior & exterior of your home will give your home character in a good way. Setting the tone for a good offer!
  • Landscaping- Enhance your home’s beauty by cleaning up dead leaves & plants, putting down mulch & trimming hedges. Landscaping can add value to your homes resale. Don’t go over board with a garden that requires a lot of up keep. Just keep it clean & simple. Just like the front door ,landscaping is one of the first things a buyer sees.
  • Replace Light Fixtures - Strategically placed outdoor lighting can go a long way. Highlight the new landscaping & make a the front entry lighted. Make sure the interior fixtures are all up to date with the homes style. Adding new or sprucing up the ones you have with paint can really change the look.
  • Clean the Garage - Buyers want to look inside the garage & be able to see! They do not want to see piles of junk! Power wash the garage floor & think of painting it with the new garage floor / concrete paint. It will instantly add a wow factor to dull dirty garage.
  • Keep it simple - We love all love to decorate our homes with personal possessions, but by removing some personal items it allows the buyer to see themselves living in your home. Keep your home cohesive with the neighborhoods landscaping & style.

Once you have spruced up your home, it is very important to take quality photos of your home to use for the listings. Stunning photos are essential to catch buyers attention who are viewing homes from the comfort of their own couch. Make sure your home is clean, neat, & bright! Give me call & I will gladly give you a professional option & tips to help you get the most value out of your investment. Call to schedule today! 405-239-4137!